Burton Snowboards

Since 1977, Burton Snowboards has been driven to create the best snowboarding equipment in the world. Corporate headquarters are in Burlington, Vermont, with additional offices in Urawa, Japan, and Innsbruck, Austria. These three offices, employing just under 600 employees, are the main arteries that service the global snowboarding market. Burton Snowboards continues to be the industry leader, focusing its efforts on product development, R&D, and most importantly--riding. Everyone is out on the hill as much as possible. And with a free season pass and private lessons for Newbies, excuses for not riding are hard to find. Along with this dedication to the mountain, employees work in a casual but dedicated environment--jeans and T's with the option of bringing the family pooch. Burton believes in a strong work ethic and is committed to working as a team to achieve their goals. When they're not out snowboarding, they're back at the factory putting their experiences to work.

Photo Credit: Dean Blotto Gray

Photo Credit: Dean Blotto Gray


I grew up in Southern Vermont with one goal that every kid shared: to one day be apart of the Burton Snowboards team. This dream came true when I turned 18 in 2007 and I have been blessed to travel the world with the Burton team, and to learn about the core values of the sport from the people who first brought it to the masses in '77.

As a Vermont-native, I not only respect how far they have come as a business, but also the way that they have always preserved their Vermont roots and their care for athletes and employees that they support.

I highly respect Burton for their commitment to innovation -- you know who you are JG & Doyle -- it really is unparalleled in the world of snowboarding. I have them to thank for my entrepreneurial spirit and filmmaking experience. Plus they introduced me to the world of "acting" in both the Winter Storm Warning Campaign and the Uncle Dave Spoof.

In terms of philanthropy, Donna Carpenter’s commitment to building the CHILL Foundation has deeply inspired me to find my own passions in terms of giving back to the world in impactful ways.

Thank you everyone at Burton for everything that you do!