Photo Credit:  Dean Blotto Gray , Athlete:  Jack Mitrani , Filefjell, Norway, 2010

Photo Credit: Dean Blotto Gray, Athlete: Jack Mitrani, Filefjell, Norway, 2010


At the age of 8, Jack strapped into a snowboard and that moment changed the course of his life forever. Riding professionally for the last 8 years, Jack's snowboard has given him the opportunity to see the world alongside his best frends, compete in the top international snowboarding competitions, and co-create a community around people who share a love for what the culture of snowboarding stands for: good times, freedom, and endless progression on and off the board. For the last 5 years, Jack and his frends sparked an iconic movement in snowboarding where community and "frendship" was more important than self -- with their motto being "there's no I in frends".


2015 Producing "Following Frendly Powered by Skype"

2015 Summer X Games EXTRA Show Host

2015 Winter X Games EXTRA Show Host

2014 ESPN Dumb and Dumber series "Road to X Games."

2013 NBC Global Camp TV Spot (Flimed & Produced)

2012 Featured in Burtons Snowboards' "13" Movie

2011 Videography featured on NBC’s coverage of the Winter Dew Tour

2011 Featured in Red Bull's "Art of Flight"

2011 Featured in "Burton Snowboards: Standing Sideways" Movie

2011 Invited to X Games Best Method Contest

2010 Videography featured on NBC's coverage of the Winter Dew Tour

2010 Videography clients include: Pepsico, Amp Energy, Nike, CBS, NBC, ESPN

2009 Featured in Burton Snowboards' "The B" Movie

2009 Featured guest on FUEL TV’s “Daily Habit”

2009 Frends Crew feature in The New York Times

2008 Awarded "Highest Air" - Billabong Air & Style in Innsbruck, Austria

2008 Featured in Burton Snowboards' "It's Always Snowing Somewhere" Movie


2012 3rd Place Quarterpipe World Snowboarding Championship Oslo, Norway

2011 4th Place Superpipe, Winter Dew Tour Snowbasin, UT

2010 6th Place Halfpipe US Grand Prix Park City, UT

2010 3rd Place Superpipe Winter Dew Tour Snowbasin, UT

2009 5th Place Halfpipe Burton Nippon Asian Open Fukushima, Japan

2009 4th Place Superpipe Winter Dew Tour Lake Tahoe, CA

2008 9th Place Quarterpipe Billabong Air & Style Innsbruck, Austria

2008 8th Place Halfpipe Australian Open Perisher Blue, Australia

2008 1st Place Big Air Billabong Air & Style Innsbruck, Austria

2006 1st Place Aspen Open Halfpipe, CO



Now you will find Jack hosting snowboarding contests and industry award shows around the world, as well as in web series and TV appearances for networks like ESPN and NBC. In addition to his unmistakable sense of humor, when Jack’s in the booth at an event, he’s interviewing his best frends and that kind of authenticity just can’t be duplicated. As a professional athlete and expert content creator, his firsthand experience and social media interactivity make him a fan-favorite on air.

Past hosting experience:

  • 2015 Burton Snowboards US Open Halfpipe & Slopestyle
  • 2015 X Games EXTRA Show Host
  • 2015 Transworld Snowboarding Riders Poll Awards
  • 2014 Winter Dew Tour Halfpipe & Slopestyle
  • 2014 Burton US Open Halfpipe & Slopestyle
  • 2014 Transworld Snowboarding Riders Poll Awards
  • 2013 Burton US Open Halfpipe & Slopestlye
  • 2013 Winter Dew Tour Halfpipe & Slopestyle
  • 2012 Burton European Open Halfpipe & Slopestyle


Artwork: Connor Arnot

Frendly Presents  is an online content platform in which Jack and the Frendly Crew have created to allow frends, fans, and family to join in on the antics while we are traveling the world intertwining our worlds of snowboarding, music, culture and lifestyle. We thrive off of creating content that makes our viewers laugh and leaves them inspired to foster collaborative success.


The Frendly Presents website is our home for exclusive content and in depth perspectives that get past the public persona of your favorite action sports heroes, musicians, and artists; that we are proud to call our Frends. In addition to this exclusive content, the site functions as a platform for artists of all mediums to be discovered and for the Frendy community to have a place for their voice to be heard and thoughts to be shared.

Since the launch of Frendly Presents, Jack’s videos have acquired over 4.5 million views, and 13,000 subscribers.

In 2009, Jack began uploading hysterical and inspiring content on a daily basis that featured the Frends Crew as they rallied side-by-side to try to earn spots on the 2010 Olympic team. The content stream instantly gained traction and became a “daily digest” within the snowboarding community. Formerly known as Frendsvision, Frendly Presents is the new and improved hub for your Frendly digest.


Photo Credit: Cole Barash

In 2008, Danny Davis called Jack with a new idea that he, Dave Driscoll, and Keir Dillon had about starting the “Frends Crew” – all centering around the concept that “there’s no I in frends” and that as a collective they could succeed to greater heights than on their own. Initially the crew consisted of seven pro-snowboarders who traveled the world, made funny videos and skits, were winning major contests, and promoted that collaboration was more fun than doing it solo.

What began as a random idea turned into a full-blown movement, with a rapidly growing fan base in and outside of the snowboarding world. While the Frends Crew started with a name, a few branded t-shirts and face masks at the X-Games, they quickly became a vehicle for the type of guerrilla marketing that major brands wanted to be a part of.

Frendsvision Skits & Shred Edits

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